Introducing Multi Timer for iOS

iOS Simulator Screen shot 23 Aug 2013 16.58.07

Disappointed with the default Apple clock app I decided that it was high time to create a simple, easy to use app that allows you to run and save multiple timers at once.

Multi Timer makes it really easy to save timers for tasks you do regularly and allows you to run multiple instances of the same timer at once. Even if you haven’t got the app open, Multi Timer will notify you when a timer has finished. Multi Timer is especially useful in scenarios such as cooking where you might want to time individual components separately.

Once again I have used FMDB and FlatUIKit to create this app (I’m also using Crashlytics for the first time). I had considered using UI7Kit for the UI, and given that the app is so simple I probably could have done however I really like the look of FlatUIKit (especially the buttons and color schemes) and I think it provides a bit more back compatibility with previous versions of iOS. If, however, you run the app on iOS 7 it will default to normal UINavigationBars and UITabBars in order to avoid some rendering issues on iOS 7 with FlatUIKit.

When you create a timer you can optionally assign it one of 12 icons (I’m planning extra/custom icons for a future release). My normal workflow for this would have been to create the icons in Inkscape and render them to PNGs. PNGs for icons tend to be pretty small – especially when compressed with ImageOptim – however instead I created all of the icons in Opacity (which proved to be a lot nicer to use on OSX than Inkscape) and then export Quartz rendering code for the icons instead. The code isn’t super well optimised, however it kept the size of the app incredibly small (~1MB) and allows for completely resolution independent icons.

You can get Multi Timer now on iOS for $0.99/£0.69.


Keep Calm 2.1 available on the App Store

Today I have released version 2.1 of Keep Calm on the App Store. This new version has the following new features:

  • Pro users can now export images of any size they like (up to 4000px by 4000px) making it easier to create posters for print or the web; you could create a desktop wallpaper if you wished
  • Pro users can now now also import backgrounds by pasting them from the clipboard rather than having to save them to their device first
  • Pro and free users now get faster scrolling across the app (I’ve optimised all the UICollectionViews to use NSCache to reduce loading time)
  • Pro users no longer see multiple menus appearing at once
  • All users can delete all their posters at the press of a button to reduce space
  • Cancel buttons now work in a more standardised way between the iPad and iPhone version
  • The images used by the app (icons, backgrounds, etc) are now significantly smaller which has reduced the App Store size of the app by 40%

Head over to the App Store now to update to Keep Calm 2.1. I intend to appropriately update the Android versions however I’m in the process of migrating code over to Android Studio from Eclipse.

Keep Calm v1.1 now on iOS

After about a month in the review process (Apple rejected it a few times) Keep Calm 1.1 is now available for iOS, adding support for iOS 6 (including the new iPhone) along with the option to upgrade to Pro to access loads of new features.

The Pro feature – available through an in-app purchase of 69p/99c – allows you to do the following:

  • Modify text color
  • Modify font
  • Add a shadow to the text and icon
  • Change the icon to a custom image from your photos (and control the brightness/contrast)
  • Change the background to an image from your photos
  • Choose between a flat color, radial gradient or linear gradient for the background
  • Save at standard resolution, wallpaper resolution (device specific) or square for using on services like Instagram

Regardless of whether you purchase the extra features the app will still save all your posters (and this version adds the option to delete them too!) so that you can go back and share/edit them at a later date.

Keep Calm v1.1 on the App Store

Keep Calm now available for free on iOS

I first launched Keep Calm for Android in January 2012 and in March 2012 I launched Keep Calm Pro however over the past few months I’ve been moving across from Android to iOS development. I am therefore very pleased to announce that you can now download Keep Calm from the App Store for free.

The app is basically the same as the Android version however it runs a more efficient layout algorithm which means the posters are of higher quality (and it uses a font considerably closer to the original font – Gill Sans) which means it is faster to make poster and you can also save and review all the previous posters that you’ve made from within the app. This means that you can also go back and edit previous posters that you’ve made if you need to without having to recreate them.

The next version of the app will be released within the next couple of weeks and will include an in-app purchase that will allow users to access additional features such as those included in the Android version of Keep Calm Pro.

Keep Calm on the App Store (US link)

Keep Calm on the App Store (UK link)