Keep Calm

Keep Calm and Carry On

In January 2012 I released Keep Calm, a simple app that allows you to create custom Keep Calm and Carry On posters, on Android and in August 2012 I released it for iOS. Since then the app has had over 4,000,000 downloads. If each poster created with the app was printed out they would stretch across the Atlantic.

Both apps are available for free however there is the option to upgrade to Pro and get bonus features such as custom icons from photos, custom fonts, custom text colors, photo backgrounds and additional sharing options.

I’m currently using Montserrat as the default font on both platforms. In general this is very similar to the original font (the K and J are the only characters I’ve noticed to be different). The majority of the icons are from the Open Clipart Library.

You can get Keep Calm on iOS and Android:

I’ve also compiled a list of all the photos used in the app.


14 thoughts on “Keep Calm

  1. Can you try making a web version of this app? I love it on Android and I would love to have it on my computer.

  2. Whenever I create edit or delete a poster the “add a new poster” button disappears. And I need to close the application completely and restart it. I’d really like you to fix it please!

  3. I upload a photo from My Photos then tap Paste Image but photo reverts to first photo I ever uploaded. Trying to keep calm. Can you help?

    • If you want to import a photo from your photos, just select the ‘From Photos’ option – it may take a couple of seconds for the image to appear because it has to be resized. If you want to copy and paste an image from the web you can use ‘Paste Image’ instead.

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