Using Wikipedia as a data source in your iOS app

Over the weekend I put together a simple periodic table app based on data from Wikipedia, which is fetched and parsed using ObjectiveGumbo. You can head over to my Tumblr blog to read how I did this, or check out the source code on GitHub.


A week without Flash

Last week I decided to disable Flash in Google Chrome for performance reasons. I was aware that there would be some web content that I couldn’t view because it relies on Flash for video, but I really didn’t find it to be a problem. Either most sites have been proactive at switching to HTML5 for video (which I found to be much smoother) or just rely on YouTube, which automatically switches to HTML5 because I’m in the HTML5 trial.

I last tried this about a year ago, however then it was impractical because a lot more video relied on Flash, but now I can’t really see the point in enabling it again.

Keep Calm for Android updated

I’ve now updated Keep Calm so that it now has a new Holo UI and better quality saving of the created posters. Unfortunately the new version no longer supports Android 2.1 because I wanted to improve the general quality of the app and this meant dropping the older features.

Despite this, the update gives the app a new refreshing look that is much easier to use – the swipe menu at the bottom is now gone and has been replaced with an Action Bar:


You can get the new version over on Google Play now for free. If you want to read more information about the update, here is what I wrote about the Pro update earlier this week.