Lessons from iOS dev #0: Intro

I began doing iOS development around a year ago and since then I’ve gradually improved, having learnt Objective-C entirely from scratch. In this past year I’ve published a few iOS apps (most notably Keep Calm which has had nearly 2M downloads) and I’m gradually moving towards some larger projects, hopefully some games, this summer.

A lot of what I’m going to write over the course of these posts is solely from my own experience. Not all of it will be correct but I’m going to try and focus on things that there isn’t as much documentation on that an iOS developer starting out might not realise. I’ve also learnt a lot of neat tricks as well, so I’ll probably cover those.

Aside from benfitting other people, it also has the advantage that I’m getting stuff out of my head and getting it written down because I’m bound to forget it :).


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