Introducing Word Finder for iPhone

I like word games but I’m not particularly good at them. Instead, I’ve gradually made a series of apps that make it easier to cheat (and win!) common word games such as Boggle, Letterpress, Scrabble and other anagram based games. After a while I eventually integrated them into a single app that also allows you to search for words using patterns.
The patterns feature is particularly useful if you have crossword clues, for example. You can enter a % symbol for a blank letter and a – for a gap of an unknown length, so you could use a pattern such as a-f to find all words beginning in a and end in f:
Alternatively, if you wanted to look for a seven letter word with a as the second letter and r as the last you can do the following:

As mentioned earlier, you can also search for words for use in commons word games. You can type boggle: followed by the sixteen letters that make up the 4*4 block to find all the possible words you could make. You could also do the same for letterpress (by beginning your query with letterpress:) or type the seven letters in front of you when playing Scrabble. Sorting methods can also be used by bracketing them at the end:

  • Alphabetical
  • Reverse (alphabetical)
  • Shortest (first)
  • Longest (first)

Here is an example of how you may use this:
As a bonus, you can also get the definition and scores for a word by tapping on them:

Overall the app is reasonably easy to use and you can get it now on the App Store for 99c. I’m planning both an iPad version and an Android version and I intend to make them available in the next month.


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