Keep Calm Pro for Android updated

This morning I released an update to Keep Calm Pro for Android and it changes quite a bit. Before I overview the new features, here are some common complaints about the previous version:

  • UI was difficult to use
  • Poster was ‘forgotten’ on device rotation
  • Poster wouldn’t always save/didn’t appear in the Gallery app for a long time
  • UI looked nasty and didn’t feel like an Android app
  • Posters saved were poor quality
  • No option to save square posters

Keep Calm Pro 1.9 has resolved all of these issues. The first major change is the appearance of the app; the image on the left shows what it used to look like and what it now looks like:

ImageThe new UI is now ‘Holo’ and has an Action Bar on all versions of Android (I’m using Action Bar Sherlock) which means it now conforms to the newer Android design schemes. This also lead to a huge reduction in the amount of code as well – and there is definitely a major performance boost because I’m using more standard techniques now.

The poster is no longer ‘forgotten’ when you rotate the device. It was a weird ‘feature’ of Android but I’ve now fixed it and it means that the UI will now properly turn.

Posters should now always save and appear in the Gallery app straight away. I’ve also optimized the saving routine as well because before it was running a Media Scanner across your entire SD card however now it will only scan across the specific file. The saved images are now high quality PNGs and appear exactly as they do in the app. A lot of Android users (the iOS version has had the feature for a couple of months) were complaining that their posters weren’t fitting on Instagram however there is now an option on the Share menu to create a square poster instead:

ImageAnother change that I’ve implemented is that the color of the icon will now change with the color of the text, which makes far more sense than staying white.

Overall Keep Calm Pro has significantly improved, and you can head over to Google Play to get the new version.


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