Keep Calm is a year old today

Exactly a year ago today I released the first version of Keep Calm on Android. Over the following year I’ve released an iOS version with Pro versions for both platforms. Combined, the apps have had almost 1.5m downloads.

The original version of Keep Calm was very different to the current version (and almost entirely different from the iOS version). Rather than being able to see the poster and edit it in real time the user instead had to fill in a form with the option to pick from around 25 icons before they got to see the poster. The poster generation was also incredibly slow.

I’ve got it noted down that Keep Calm had 200 downloads (I vaguely remember it being nearer 250) on its first day and I was particularly excited at the thought that somebody downloaded my app every 7 minutes, however at a peak I’ve had downloads every 7 seconds…



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