Keep Calm v1.1 now on iOS

After about a month in the review process (Apple rejected it a few times) Keep Calm 1.1 is now available for iOS, adding support for iOS 6 (including the new iPhone) along with the option to upgrade to Pro to access loads of new features.

The Pro feature – available through an in-app purchase of 69p/99c – allows you to do the following:

  • Modify text color
  • Modify font
  • Add a shadow to the text and icon
  • Change the icon to a custom image from your photos (and control the brightness/contrast)
  • Change the background to an image from your photos
  • Choose between a flat color, radial gradient or linear gradient for the background
  • Save at standard resolution, wallpaper resolution (device specific) or square for using on services like Instagram

Regardless of whether you purchase the extra features the app will still save all your posters (and this version adds the option to delete them too!) so that you can go back and share/edit them at a later date.

Keep Calm v1.1 on the App Store


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