Keep Calm now available for free on iOS

I first launched Keep Calm for Android in January 2012 and in March 2012 I launched Keep Calm Pro however over the past few months I’ve been moving across from Android to iOS development. I am therefore very pleased to announce that you can now download Keep Calm from the App Store for free.

The app is basically the same as the Android version however it runs a more efficient layout algorithm which means the posters are of higher quality (and it uses a font considerably closer to the original font – Gill Sans) which means it is faster to make poster and you can also save and review all the previous posters that you’ve made from within the app. This means that you can also go back and edit previous posters that you’ve made if you need to without having to recreate them.

The next version of the app will be released within the next couple of weeks and will include an in-app purchase that will allow users to access additional features such as those included in the Android version of Keep Calm Pro.

Keep Calm on the App Store (US link)

Keep Calm on the App Store (UK link)