New Android app: Logo Quiz Builder

Yesterday evening I launched Logo Quiz Builder for Android. Over the last few months hundreds (if not thousands) of Logo Quiz apps have been released on pretty much all the major app stores and they’ve proved to be reasonably successful, and addictive. However, after a little searching I soon discovered that people are limited to playing quizzes that have been made by programmers like me, and therefore can’t easily create their own without programming knowledge.

I’ve therefore put together a simple app that allows you to give your quiz a name, add icons by typing in their name (that users will have to guess) and pasting in the URL to the image before sharing a file representing the quiz with friends. I’ve aimed to give the app a minimalist design that is easy to use. Depending on success on Android, an iOS version may be released in the coming weeks/months and new features will be added to this app to make it even easier and faster to use.

Logo Quiz Builder on Google Play for 50p/99c



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