New Android app: Posters

About three and a half weeks ago I realized that I could quite easily adapt the code from Keep Calm Pro so that it could create a number of different posters. I then began work on app called Posters that would allow the user to do this however unfortunately I became to busy to work on it and I then forgot completely about it. This weekend I remembered that most of the work had already been done so I put it all together and tidied up the UI.

Version 1 includes all of the functionality of Keep Calm Pro (so you can buy either and not be at a loss) and also allows you to create Your Country Needs You, Meme based caption images, Demotivational posters and Motivational posters as well as Keep Calm and Carry On.

Rather than taking the code based rendering approach that I’ve used before I designed a simple JSON based format that allows me to quickly create new templates without having to write any code as it all gets interpreted by a rendering engine that actually takes up less space than the Dunkirk engine that powers Keep Calm and Keep Calm Pro.

Buy Posters for 99c/50p on Google Play


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